Even now, at the end of October, I am surprised at the magnitude of the pandemic. In Saskatchewan we are still in pretty good shape. The bright spot in our hunting is the upland game bird population. Dry springs are a bonus for them. We have had three dr


We had a solid season through-out and some spectacular things happened - like one of our hunters, after they had their limit of snows, sat up and grabbed a goose with his hands, looked it in the eye and then let it fly away.


I am continually amazed at how unique each fall is. Thankfully, waterfowl still migrate. Two years ago, we got rained out. This year, it did not rain on us one day. I don�t mean to say we had perfect weather. We had unprecedented cold the last we


Dan and I were really looking forward to the Fall of 2017 and it didn’t disappoint. We shot 100 snows on Sept. 22 - which is the earliest that has ever happened for us.


When we could get to the spot, duck decoying was spectacular. Snows do finish better with full body decoys, and although we didn�t get as much practice using them as we hoped, we do feel like we are really prepared to dominate snow geese again.


We are pleased to say that we had another good outfitting season in spite of some strange conditions. There was water standing everywhere from last year but this summer southern Saskatchewan had a drought until late July and then got more than six inches


As we reflect on the fall, we conclude that this is our best season in our 15 year history. Several of our groups averaged over 100 birds per day. There were a lot of happy "campers" around.


It might be of interest to you to know how weather influences decoying snow geese in a field. There are three conditions that are very detrimental: calm, sunshine, and frost.


We will remember the fall of 2013 as "the year of the duck"(apologies to the Chinese). At one point we had a string of 5 or 6 limit shoots over dry field duck decoys.


They are gorgeous birds with a lot of color variation. The eagle head blue is the most beautiful goose there is. Snow geese need to be harvested in larger numbers for their own protection. Their nesting habitat is threatened because of over population.


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